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SYNAPSE: a framework for learning how to learn on An Imperfect Map podcast

In the classroom, a great teacher is doing a lot more than teaching content. Cultivating bigger-picture skills and strategies is critical. A lot of educators argue that these bigger-picture skills are more important than the content. There’s a sea of research around these big-picture learning skills, and figuring which of them to teach, as well as how and when to introduce what’s important can be daunting. For this, our guest today has created SYNAPSE, a toolkit for helping teachers, learners, and parents understand how to increase focus, help students draw connections between ideas, and how to digest big new ideas. Dr. Christine Marshall has a PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior from Columbia University. She did her post-doc at Boston Children’s Hospital. Currently, she is an instructor in Biology at Phillips Andover Academy and has been a Fellow there within the Tang Institute.

Learn more about SYNAPSE and get your hands on information and materials at: https://laboratoryforlearning.org/

Learn more about Dr. Marshall's work and the Tang Institute here: https://tanginstitute.andover.edu/blog/2020/using-synapse-to-help-families-prepare-for-remote-learning

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