• Jason Gorman

As AI rises, how safe is a career in LX design?

What will happen to Learning Experience Design as Artificial Intelligence matures? It’s commonly held that AI will primarily disrupt “rules-based” job activities. We’ve already seen AI outperform human experts at diagnosing many types of disease, beat world champions in complex games like chess and Go, and accurately model unpredictable events like the weather. So “rules-based” in this case is a very big bucket. In the analyses I’ve seen, our work is comparatively safe, but I suspect LX activities like the following will come to be handled at least in part by machines in the short-to-medium-term:

- Content writing and/or editing

- Moving content into an LMS or similar environment

- Asset creation in e-learning authoring tools like Articulate

- Scoping/sequencing/chunking content

- Assessment creation

- Checking alignment of activities to goals/objectives/competencies

- Asset management and project organization

- General QA/QC

Ideally, this will leave the LX designer more time for more relational and creative aspects of our work. In a less than ideal situation, we could be assisting AI to get more done in less time. It just depends on how well we sell the importance of genuine human connection and divergent design innovation.

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