What's the best learning experience
you've ever had?

It might have been an inspired class in high school or college. Maybe it was in an online program or community that connected with your passions or helped you solve a problem. It could have been at work on a project with an amazing team. However they happen, extraordinary learning experiences do not happen by accident. They are intentionally designed.


Jackrabbit LX translates our clients' ideas into extraordinary learning experiences for learners of all ages in every type of organization while saving them time and money. 


What does extraordinary look like for you?


We offer consulting and design services in the following areas:

  • eLearning and blended learning

  • Educational software

  • Live workshops and face-to-face courses

  • Unique, innovative, and specialty products and programs ​


Click below to check out our workshops for teams and individuals creating eLearning within higher education and other organizations.  


We also offer workshops for learning experience designers entering the field.

Our Clients

We work with all types of clients:

  • Ed Tech

  • K-12

  • Higher Education

  • Adult Workforce (corporate and non-profit)


How We Work

Get a

Running Start

There are many questions when getting started. Our innovation workshops sharpen your program or product vision, generate possibilities, create basic prototypes and rapidly draw up your roadmap.

Prepare Your Team and Assemble

the Experts

The innovation of new products or programs can push a team in uncomfortable ways. Make the most of your team's existing skills, build new skills, and find the right external partners to succeed on your timeline.

Design Your  Learning Experience

The journey from vision to a real product is not a straight line. Our process begins with your vision and quickly moves into creating a series of testable prototypes that culminate in a polished and validated design.

Get Ready

to Scale

Quality is too often sacrificed when a boutique solution is replicated. We'll work to ensure excellence no matter how big you get. Doing great work at the beginning of the process pays off when you are ready to go big.

We customize our proven process to your needs. 

Jason Gorman

Founder and

Managing Partner

For nearly 20 years Jason has been designing (and leading organizations in the design of) powerful, vibrant, and emotionally engaging environments for learners of all ages. These include a cutting-edge virtual science lab, fully online credit-bearing programs in everything from Criminal Justice to Philosophy, face-to-face leadership development workshops, and a custom learning management system for in-service preschool teachers. 


Jason started Jackrabbit LX as a way to engage more deeply with clients and develop uncompromising and extraordinary products and programs. 

  • LinkedIn - Jason Gorman
  • Twitter - @jsngrmn

James Altman 

Partner and

Head of Strategy

James has devoted the past 15 years to improving and enhancing teaching and learning experiences. With an enthusiastic, curious and creative perspective, James loves exploring and pushing past perceived boundaries with his partners and clients. He has built and managed effective teams, designed and implemented program strategies, and coached leadership all in service of the learner, a high quality product, and impactful student outcomes. He is proud to have helped change the landscape of learning at leading institutions like Northwestern University and dynamic and innovative companies like 2U Inc.

  • LinkedIn - James Altman
  • Twitter - @jamesaltman

Trusted Associates

Jackrabbit LX is part of a larger ecosystem of experts in strategy, learning experience design, UX/UI, content creation, visual and graphic design, technology, learning sciences, and the art of scaling a terrific boutique design. We can bring in talent to solve almost any challenge in education. 


Let's Talk!

How can we help you create something extraordinary? Contact us today and see what we can do together.


Lynn Foord

Director, Prerequisites for Health Professions, MGH Institute of Health Professions

Jason worked with me to develop an innovative program to provide training for faculty new to online instruction. He kept a wildly creative process organized and moving forward steadily. The outcome was well-received, has endured, and has continued to grow in popularity as it so clearly surpasses much less innovative support for faculty development. 

Sasanka Atapattu

CEO | Co-founder, LaunchSource

Jackrabbit's approach is truly a partnership that will dig deep into the problem that you're trying to solve to ultimately provide you and your team with clarity and a plan for execution against your goals.


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